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July 11th, 2014

Ritz Ortolani Mondo Cane (Italian) LP

CKLW Tom Clay 1964TOM CLAY. In 1964, the widely-popular radio personality used to recite his composition, “What Ever Happened To,” occasionally, during his radio shows on CKLW radio. Adapted from the 1962 motion picture soundtrack album, Mondo Cane, this was the background instrumental music, track entitled, “More,” which originally Tom Clay selected to play while he read his self-authored piece to his large radio following here in Detroit. Soundtrack music conducted by Ritz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero.

Ritz Ortolani


RITZ ORTOLANI ORCHESTRA * “More” * ‘MONDO CANE’ United Artists (USA LP; 1962)


June 27th, 2014

Tom Clay 1971 LP

tom-clay-whatever-happened-to-love-mowestWHAT EVER HAPPENED TO LOVE

THE RECORD VERSIONFrom the Tom Clay album, “What The World Needs Now Is Love,” MoWest Records (Motown Record Corporation) 1971. (Click album image 2x for detailed view).

“What Ever Happened To Love,” was the follow-up single to Clay’s “What The World Need Now Is Love”(Billboard No. 8; 8/14/1971). It was released by MoWest Records on 11/24/71.

THE RADIO VERSIONIn 1964, whenever Tom Clay read his “Whatever Happened To (Love)” on CKLW radio, he used instead for background music an instrumental track, entitled, “More.” A beautifully arranged score recorded by the (Italian) Ritz Ortolani Orchestra, the selection Clay originally used was from the 1962 motion picture soundtrack album, “Mondo Cane.”    — M O T O R   C I T Y   R A D I O   F L A S H B A C K S

Click image for detailed view)

“Whatever Happened To Love.” From the 1971 Tom Clay LP, “What The World Needs Now Is Love.” On MoWest Records. (A Motown Records subsidiary). (Click on image 2x for detailed PC view).

Motor City Radio Flashbacks

Where Detroit Radio Plays On

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